Produced by Obediyah Israel

MTV and BET type show for Seattle-Tacoma artists, No one is shocasing the Talent we have here and there is too much hate in our state, its time to change that and work together, and celebrate our talents

Obediyah Israel has produced 5 programs for this series since 2019
"US!" airs Wednesday at 6:30pm, and again Fri 3:30pm, Sat 1:00am.

“US!”I will be interviewing people that have their own local businesses, showcasing all types of Seattle & Tacoma’s Urban talents, we need to stop waiting on these radio stations and create OUR OWN PLATFORM! Since no one is doing it, I’ll be the pioneer lol! I’m not religious and I will not force my beliefs on you, if you want to learn you’ll learn and I’ll be that light, the Bible isn’t for everyone anyways so you’ll just either learn or burn. I’ll start the show out with talking about myself and who I am, and my passion etc. and then I’m going to go around to some of the most amazing people I know who have excellent talents and ideas! I’ll model your clothing line just like I did for my friend and his clothing line #ILLUSTRIOUS .. and thats exactly what I’m going to be and I ain’t letting no one stop me or get in the way!