Series Name Producer Programs Theme Genre
Adventure TV TJ Williamson 104 Programs Music & Entertainment Travel
Adventure TV: Cultural Festivals TJ Williamson 91 Programs Cultural Perspectives Community
Al-Islam and Community Issues Na'eem Shareef 66 Programs Saturday at 7:00pm Faith-Based Religious
All-ways Pursuing Truth Donald Grahn 595 Programs Wednesday at 10:00pm News, Business, and Government Documentary
Alternate Focus Bill Alford 93 Programs Friday at 9:00pm News, Business, and Government Politics
Alternative View Charles Berry 28 Programs Saturday at 1:00pm Community Issues & Advocacy Entertainment
Beyond the Headlines Tim Bernard 254 Programs Thursday at 8:00pm News, Business, and Government Newsmagazine
Call 4 Investigation Donald Grahn 414 Programs Tuesday at 10:00pm Community Issues & Advocacy Newsmagazine
CRESCENDO! Mark Andersen 205 Programs Thursday at 6:30pm Music & Entertainment Music
Ethio Youth Media TV Assaye Abunie 315 Programs Sunday at 7:00pm Youth Educational
Experimental Poetry Charles Berry 9 Programs Wednesday at 1:00am Music & Entertainment Entertainment
Farrakhan Speaks Jonathan Muhammad 189 Programs Sunday at 1:00pm Faith-Based Religious
Focus On Islam Aziz Junejo 189 Programs Sunday at 9:30pm Faith-Based Religious
FreeMason TV Charles Berry 8 Programs Thursday at 5:30pm Community Issues & Advocacy
Gays For Jesus John Applegate 342 Programs Monday at 7:30pm Faith-Based Religious
General Welfare Presents General Welfare 129 Programs Wednesday at 6:00pm Cultural Perspectives Variety
General Welfare Rocks General Welfare 17 Programs Community Issues & Advocacy Community
GIS Films Bill Alford 65 Programs Tuesday at 7:30pm News, Business, and Government Politics
Gospel of the Last Days Song Song 43 Programs Sunday at 12:00pm Faith-Based Religious
HOODX William Blount 21 Programs Music & Entertainment Music