Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2019-06-11 Call 4 Investigation C4I with Dan Bongino and Deep State S8E25  TV-G English
2019-06-10 Pirate Television Sustainable Cities- A Model for Success S8E23  TV-G English
2019-06-09 Gospel of the Last Days The Mystery of Godliness Part 1 S2E23  TV-G English
2019-06-09 There is Hope TV Community Development-Part One S4E20  TV-G English
2019-06-09 John Militaru Ministries 7565 S8E12  TV-G English
2019-06-09 Ministries of Bishop Fekadu A Shone MBFS Hafuura Waaqayyo S8E6  TV-G Oriya
2019-06-09 Supreme Master TV Live Up to Humans Real Standard Part 6 S1E4  TV-G English
2019-06-08 Alternative View Free Energy Science: Aaron Murakami S3E21  TV-PG English
2019-06-08 Al-Islam and Community Issues Language of Imam Mohammed, Pt 1 S3E16  TV-G English
2019-06-06 STARBORN STARBORN Rough Water June 6 S8E22  TV-G English
2019-06-06 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. Insurrection Act, Mueller resigns S8E19  TV-G English
2019-06-06 Beyond the Headlines Beyond the Headlines for May 30, 2019 S8E5  TV-G English
2019-06-05 All-ways Pursuing Truth AwPT Loss of Liberty USS Liberty S8E20 TV-G English
2019-06-05 General Welfare Presents GWP Paul Glumaz LaRouche PNW 2 PARADIGMS 5 22 19 S7E16  TV-G English
2019-06-05 Talking Stick Down With Work! An Inquiry S8E14  TV-G English
2019-06-05 Experimental Poetry Dr Moze Bedtime Stories Volume Five S1E13 TV-MA English
2019-06-04 Call 4 Investigation Weather chaos geo-engineered? June 4 S8E24  TV-G English
2019-06-04 Public Interest Issues Show Folklife Festival 2019 S8E7  TV-G English
2019-06-03 Pirate Television Extinction Rebellion Part 2 S8E22  TV-G English
2019-06-03 Gays For Jesus Stonehenge Time to turn to God 05-17-2019 S8E16  TV-G English