Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2019-03-06 Experimental Poetry HEGGAI The Little Sisters of Divine Grace S1E4  TV-MA English
2019-03-05 Call 4 Investigation C4I Call 4 Investigation, Cody Snodgres, Kathy , S8E11  TV-G English
2019-03-05 Public Interest Issues Show Maddie Media Minutes S8E2 TV-G English
2019-03-04 Pirate Television Oceania Rising: Peace Pivot to the Pacific Part 1 S8E9  TV-G English
2019-03-04 Gays For Jesus Jesus Returning Soon 02-01-2019 S8E7  TV-G English
2019-03-03 Gospel of the Last Days Yearning Part One S2E9  TV-G English
2019-03-03 There is Hope TV Be Filled with the Holy Spirit-Part One S4E7  TV-G English
2019-03-03 Talking Stick Who Rules Seattle 2 - U District Upzoning S8E1  TV-G English
2019-03-03 John Militaru Ministries John Militaru Ministries - Episode 7554 S8E1  TV-G English
2019-03-01 Zombie News Zombie News 00010 Nuclear Posture Review 2018 S2E2  TV-G English
2019-02-28 STARBORN STARBORN Big Changes Feb 28 S8E8  TV-G English
2019-02-28 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. When Truth is Politicized, All is Lost. 2 hr. S8E5  TV-G English
2019-02-27 All-ways Pursuing Truth AwPT for Feb 27 S8E7  TV-G English
2019-02-27 General Welfare Presents GWP Paul Glumaz, LaRouche Movement, 2 13 19 S7E3  TV-G English
2019-02-26 Call 4 Investigation Call 4 Investigation, 19-02-26, Patricia,Tavares S8E10  TV-G English
2019-02-26 Public Interest Issues Show I Need Me - Film- by Janet Christensen Obrien S8E1  TV-G English
2019-02-25 Gays For Jesus Be Endured With The Holy Spirit 01-31-2019 S8E6  TV-G English
2019-02-24 Gospel of the Last Days Ironclad Proof S2E8  TV-G English
2019-02-24 There is Hope TV Romans 8:1-11 Part Two S4E6  TV-G English
2019-02-22 Zombie News Zombie News 00009 Nuclear Posture Review 2018 S2E1  TV-G English