Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2019-06-20 Reggae in Seattle Reggae in Seattle S1E3  TV-G English
2019-06-19 All-ways Pursuing Truth Sandy Hook Book Court Case. 1st hr. S8E22  TV-G English
2019-06-19 Talking Stick Seattle 4th CD Candidate Forum S8E15  TV-G English
2019-06-18 Call 4 Investigation Connecting the DOT$ !! S8E26  TV-G English
2019-06-17 Pirate Television Chuck Collins: Reversing Wealth Inequality S8E24  TV-G English
2019-06-17 Gays For Jesus Tower Bridge End Time Church 05-18-2019 S8E17  TV-G English
2019-06-16 Gospel of the Last Days The Mystery of Godliness Part 2 S2E24  TV-G English
2019-06-16 There is Hope TV Community Development-Part Two S4E21  TV-G English
2019-06-16 John Militaru Ministries 7566 S8E13  TV-G English
2019-06-16 Wongel From Bethel Gospel Preaching S8E9  TV-G Amharic
2019-06-16 Supreme Master TV Live Up to Humans Real Standard Part 7 S1E5  TV-G English
2019-06-16 Ethio Youth Media TV MMRTI Cultural and Media Exchange S8E5  TV-G English
2019-06-16 The Truth About Denominationalism The Truth About Denominationalism S7E1  TV-G English
2019-06-15 Alternative View Free Energy Science: Paul Babcock S3E22  TV-PG English
2019-06-15 Al-Islam and Community Issues Language of Imam Mohammed, Pt 2 S3E17  TV-G English
2019-06-13 STARBORN STARBORN Going Home June 13 S8E23  TV-G English
2019-06-13 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. Censoring Truth June 10, 2nd hour S8E20  TV-G English
2019-06-13 Reggae in Seattle Reggae in Seattle S1E2  TV-G English
2019-06-12 All-ways Pursuing Truth Censoring Truth June 10, 1st hour S8E21  TV-G English
2019-06-12 General Welfare Presents Tom Wysmuller @ LPAC To the Moon in 5 years Pt 2 S7E17  TV-G English