Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2019-07-24 General Welfare Presents GWP Glumaz LaRouche Movement LEAKED CABLES 7 5 19 S7E22  TV-G English
2019-07-24 Talking Stick Growing Inequality at the UW S8E20  TV-G English
2019-07-24 Experimental Poetry Roscoe Forthrights Cult S1E14 TV-MA English
2019-07-24 "US!" SeaTac Creative Television S1E1  TV-G English
2019-07-23 Call 4 Investigation C4I Amber Dawn and Patricia share happenings S8E31  TV-G English
2019-07-22 Pirate Television Senator Risa Hontiveros: Defending Democracy S8E29  TV-G English
2019-07-21 Gospel of the Last Days The Mystery of Godliness The Sequel Part 3 S2E29  TV-G English
2019-07-21 There is Hope TV Press on Toward the Goal S4E26  TV-G English
2019-07-21 John Militaru Ministries 7571 S8E18  TV-G English
2019-07-21 Wongel From Bethel Wongel S8E12  TV-G Amharic
2019-07-21 Supreme Master TV SMTV The Best Tool to Protect Souls Part 5 S1E10  TV-G English
2019-07-21 Ministries of Bishop Fekadu A Shone MBFS Kiristoositti Jiraachuu S8E8  TV-G Oriya
2019-07-21 Farrakhan Speaks SAVIOURS DAY 2019 PART I S8E7  TV-G English
2019-07-20 Alternative View Sister Lyra on US War Crimes S3E27  TV-PG English
2019-07-20 Al-Islam and Community Issues Nutrition - Body and Soul with Jamaar Smiley Pt 1 S3E18  TV-G English
2019-07-18 STARBORN STARBORN The Struggle To Dominate S8E28  TV-G English
2019-07-18 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. TvNI - Drain that swamp. 2nd hr. S8E26  TV-G English
2019-07-18 Reggae in Seattle Reggae in Seattle S1E7  TV-G English
2019-07-17 All-ways Pursuing Truth TvNI - Drain that swamp! 1st hr. S8E26  TV-G English
2019-07-17 General Welfare Presents GWP Wysmuller WHERE TO NASA Pt 3 4 26 19 S7E21  TV-G English