Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2019-07-17 Talking Stick The Media is Dying S8E19  TV-G English
2019-07-16 Call 4 Investigation Stew Webb exposes events S8E30  TV-G English
2019-07-15 Pirate Television Lawrence Lessig: Fidelity & Constraint S8E28  TV-G English
2019-07-15 Gays For Jesus Grief Suffering Sorrow Pain Persecution 07-08-2019 S8E21  TV-G English
2019-07-14 Gospel of the Last Days The Mystery of Godliness The Sequel Part 2 S2E28  TV-G English
2019-07-14 There is Hope TV True Freedom-Part Two S4E25  TV-G English
2019-07-14 John Militaru Ministries 7570 S8E17  TV-G English
2019-07-14 Supreme Master TV SMTV The Best Tool to Protect Souls Part 4 S1E9  TV-G English
2019-07-13 Alternative View Nuns Speak Urgent Truths S3E26  TV-PG English
2019-07-12 The Hereafter TV JULY 7TH, 2019 S8E4  TV-G English
2019-07-11 STARBORN STARBORN Less Money, More Justice S8E27  TV-G English
2019-07-11 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. TvNI - freedoms lost?! July 11, 2nd hr S8E25  TV-G English
2019-07-11 Reggae in Seattle Reggae in Seattle S1E6  TV-G English
2019-07-10 All-ways Pursuing Truth TvNI -July 10 - Freedom of Press S8E25  TV-G English
2019-07-10 General Welfare Presents GWP Glumaz/LaRouche 7 DAYS IN JUNE 6 19 19 S7E20  TV-G English
2019-07-10 Talking Stick Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett - The Inner Level S8E18  TV-G English
2019-07-09 Call 4 Investigation C4I for July 9 Honduras hell S8E29  TV-G English
2019-07-08 Pirate Television Nick Estes: Our History Is the Future S8E27  TV-G English
2019-07-08 Gays For Jesus Lincoln Park Prophecy in Stages 06-22-2019 S8E20  TV-G English
2019-07-07 Gospel of the Last Days The Mystery of Godliness The Sequel Part 1 S2E27  TV-G English