Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2020-02-27 STARBORN STARBORN Deja Vu? S9E9 TV-G English
2020-02-25 Call 4 Investigation Dr G Ford, Suicides, USS Liberty, Abu Ghraib S9E7 TV-G English
2020-02-24 Gays For Jesus So Much False Doctrine God Is Just 02-20-2020 S9E7 TV-G English
2020-02-23 The Truth About Denominationalism The Truth About Denominationalism S8E6 TV-G English
2020-02-23 Mahibere Kidusan TV Mahibere Kidusan TV S1E6 TV-G Amharic
2020-02-23 Ethio Youth Media TV Celebrating Black History Month S9E3 TV-G English
2020-02-20 STARBORN STARBORN Tough Love Heals S9E8  TV-G English
2020-02-20 Beyond the Headlines Beyond the Headlines 2-20-2020 S9E8  TV-G English
2020-02-20 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. Presidents Day Hour 2, 2nd Amendment Arms S9E8  TV-G English
2020-02-19 Talking Stick Insiders Account of the Politics of Intelligence S9E8  TV-G English
2020-02-19 All-ways Pursuing Truth President Day show S9E7  TV-G English
2020-02-18 Call 4 Investigation Truth not fiction matters Matt Caldwell S9E6  TV-G English
2020-02-17 Pirate Television William Wheeler: El Salvadors World of Violence S9E7  TV-G English
2020-02-16 John Militaru Ministries 7594 S9E6  TV-G English
2020-02-16 Gospel of the Last Days Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit Part 2 S3E6  TV-G English
2020-02-16 The Truth About Denominationalism The Truth About Denominationalism S8E5  TV-G English
2020-02-16 Mahibere Kidusan TV Mahibere Kidusan TV S1E5  TV-G English
2020-02-16 Wongel From Bethel Wegnie Preching S9E4  TV-G Amharic
2020-02-16 Ministries of Bishop Fekadu A Shone MBFS Mullachuu Waaqayyoo S9E3  TV-G Oromo
2020-02-16 Ethio Youth Media TV A conversation about Community Cafe S9E2  TV-G English