Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2013-09-01 Public Exposure John Graham on Public Exposure S2E12  TV-G English
2013-09-01 Public Exposure Steve Schwartz on Public Exposure S2E11  TV-G English
2013-08-25 All-ways Pursuing Truth AwPT Syria - Time for US to be truthful - and $yri S2E102 TV-G English
2013-08-25 Ethio Youth Media TV Youth Violence Prevention and an interview with Restaurant owner Mrs Tsedalu Kebede S2E35  TV-G English
2013-08-25 Beyond the Headlines 8262013 Beyond the Headlines Religious Cultural Political Geopolitical War Health and Economics and S2E29 TV-G English
2013-08-25 The Hereafter TV AUGUST 26TH 2013 S2E25 TV-G English
2013-08-25 Moral Politics SYRIA - Worsening Inferno by Rita Zawaideh S2E24  TV-G English
2013-08-25 Moral Politics Jewish Power: Power that keeps Jewish Power from being discussed! S2E23  TV-G English
2013-08-25 The Truth About Denominationalism TheTruthAboutDenominationalism S2E20  TV-G English
2013-08-25 CRESCENDO! Crescendo 293 - Gonzaga University Choir - The Road Home S2E18  TV-G English
2013-08-25 Public Exposure Public Exposure : Ann Medlock S2E10  TV-G English
2013-08-18 STARBORN Starborn Institute Presents Checking the Chart S2E36  TV-G English
2013-08-18 Ethio Youth Media TV Open discussion about marriage and relationships in USA S2E34  TV-G English
2013-08-18 Talking Stick Talking Stick: Coal-Free Puget Sound Energy CampaignThe Tea Party and Reactionary Politics in Americ S2E33  TV-G English
2013-08-18 Gays For Jesus When Is The Rapture S2E32  TV-G English
2013-08-18 Beyond the Headlines 8192013 Beyond the Headlines Special Report Healing Through Forgiveness and demons by Fr Greg Bramla S2E28 TV-G English
2013-08-18 The Hereafter TV AUGUST 19TH 2013 S2E24 TV-G English
2013-08-18 Adventure TV: Cultural Festivals 15th Aki Matsuri 2012 S2E24  TV-G English
2013-08-18 Alternate Focus Culture of Impunity Part Two S2E23  TV-G English
2013-08-18 The Truth About Denominationalism TruthAboutDenominationalism S2E19  TV-G English