Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2019-04-15 Pirate Television Salmon People S8E15  TV-G English
2019-04-15 Gays For Jesus Tares and Christians 03-09-2019 S8E13  TV-G English
2019-04-14 Gospel of the Last Days Deadly Ignorance Part 2 S2E15  TV-G English
2019-04-14 There is Hope TV Baptism in the Holy Spirit-Part One S4E13  TV-G English
2019-04-14 Focus On Islam FOCUS ON ISLAM S7E5  TV-G English
2019-04-13 Al-Islam and Community Issues Buddhism for Black Americans w Lama Rangdrol Pt 3 S3E12  TV-G English
2019-04-11 STARBORN STARBORN Fraud Apr 11 S8E14  TV-G English
2019-04-11 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. Truth Apr 8, 2 hr, Twilight Zone Sandy Hook S8E11  TV-G English
2019-04-11 FreeMason TV Irish Freemasonry S1E7  TV-G English
2019-04-10 All-ways Pursuing Truth 1st hour of TvNI Twilight Zone for Sandy Hook. S8E13  TV-G English
2019-04-10 Experimental Poetry ROGUE NUNS The Little Sisters of Divine Grace S1E6  TV-MA English
2019-04-10 Talking Stick Dahr Jamail: The End of Ice S8E6  TV-G English
2019-04-09 Call 4 Investigation April 3, C4I Stew Webb, Amber Dawn, and Patricia S8E16  TV-G English
2019-04-09 SPA DAY Episode 03: DJ Having Sex S1E7  TV-14 English
2019-04-09 Public Interest Issues Show Public Interest Issues - Cathay Bank, UpStream + S8E4  TV-G English
2019-04-08 Pirate Television Militarism Abroad / Militarism at Home S8E14  TV-G English
2019-04-08 Gays For Jesus Guilt Or Conviction 03-29-2019 S8E12  TV-G English
2019-04-07 Gospel of the Last Days Deadly Ignorance Part 1 S2E14  TV-G English
2019-04-07 There is Hope TV Play the Flute Movie S4E12  TV-G English
2019-04-07 John Militaru Ministries 7559 S8E6  TV-G English