Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2019-12-01 John Militaru Ministries 7587 S8E36  TV-G English
2019-12-01 Supreme Master TV Homecoming -Rediscovery of Original Universe -3 S1E26  TV-G English
2019-12-01 Ethio Youth Media TV University of Washington Horn of Africa Initiative S8E7 TV-G English
2019-11-28 STARBORN STARBORN Standing Tall S8E47 TV-G English
2019-11-28 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. Thank You for caring enough... S8E45 TV-G English
2019-11-28 Beyond the Headlines Beyond the Headlines 11-28-2019 S8E22 TV-G English
2019-11-27 All-ways Pursuing Truth Thanks for thinking with us S8E45 TV-G English
2019-11-27 General Welfare Presents GWP Glumaz, LaRouche DEATH BY METH 11 6 19 S7E40  TV-G English
2019-11-27 Talking Stick Alyssa Battistoni - A Planet to Win S8E37 TV-G English
2019-11-26 Call 4 Investigation Patricia personal prophecy S8E50 TV-G English
2019-11-25 Pirate Television Daniel Brook: The Accident of Color S8E47 TV-G English
2019-11-25 Gays For Jesus Gog and Magog War comes first 11-21-2019 S8E35 TV-G English
2019-11-24 Gospel of the Last Days Waiting Part 3 S2E47  TV-G English
2019-11-24 There is Hope TV Compost Christians S4E38  TV-G English
2019-11-24 John Militaru Ministries 7586 S8E35  TV-G English
2019-11-24 Supreme Master TV Homecoming -Rediscovery of Original Universe -2 S1E25  TV-G English
2019-11-24 Wongel From Bethel Tekeste S8E20  TV-G Amharic
2019-11-24 LifeSpring WORLD -good- NEWS 2 S2E4 TV-G English
2019-11-21 STARBORN STARBORN A Price To Pay S8E46 TV-G English
2019-11-21 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. Placeholder show for Nov 21 S8E44 TV-G English