21st Century Spiritual Necessity.

Twenty years into the New Century, it is horribly clear: The self-definitions and “-isms” we brought with us from the 20th Century are inaccurate and inadequate. Political, economic and social systems upon which billions of people rely have proven to be physically and psychologically destructive. Our current forms of civilization world-wide are inherently self-destructive, and humans are proving this inadequacy with violence each and every day.

Worse than that, the leaders of governments, creators of wealth, dogmatic scientists and leaders of academic institutions hold personal self-definitions which continue to cause environmental and social destruction. Egoism of rich and powerful people often defines the course and content of the daily survival of everyone else. A handful of people destroying the free will, destroying the bright future and potential joy of billions of people.

Program Details
Topics Commentary, Politics, Philosophy
Episode S3E28
Broadcast Week Jul 27th 2019
Duration 00:58:00
Audience Rating TV-PG
Genre Entertainment
Theme Community Issues & Advocacy
Language English
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