This is a romance novel for grown-ups.   Tuck the little ones in bed before you watch this program.

In Chapter Two, our hero meets his new girlfriend, Fey.  He also explores his new, surprising ability: our hero can levitate at will.  From his perspective as a levitating human, he thinks about the fluid nature of reality, and how millions of people live their lives within an invented reality, the reality created for them by the 1%-ters, the slave owners, the leaders of our slave civilization.

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New Post from the DR. MOZE FAN CLUB:

What has attracted 1000s of fans to the Dr. Moze TV series is his combination of silly fun and serious talk about serious problems. Entertainers like Samantha Bee and John Oliver have been very successful with this mix, but are limited by the restraints of cable TV.  Dr. Moze works in the Free-Speech arena of Community Access TV, within Community Standards, with a much smaller audience, but a lot more freedom to say whatever he wants to say, and show naked girls having fun. The naked girls are a big draw to some audience members, and we all think that is just wonderful!

Naked girls have been very popular for over two million years. (Cro-magnon and Neanderthal women were not quite as slim and well-scrubbed as our girls, but at that time the boys preferred muddy girls with hairy limbs.)  We see no need to ignore the simple fact, pretty naked girls are pleasant to look at, and when we add some music, we have wildly fun, good wholesome grown-up family entertainment.

Music for most Dr. Moze shows is composed and performed by Dr. Moze Intergalactic Theremin Band.

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The origins of Dr. Moze are unclear. Some documentation shows he arrived on Earth as a rogue agent, a reconnaissance officer from Planet Zikorax. These reports have been widely discredited as science fiction, much like most of the writings of L. Ron Hubbard. Only a handful of fanatics continue to believe Dr. Moze is an extraterrestrial, just as only a handful of fanatics continue to promote Scientology. In both cases, the fanaticism is all about making money.

A more thoughtful observer will accept Dr. Moze as a human being, veiled in some mystery, but just as normal as you and I. He is an Earthman, an older Earthman with a healthy lust for young Earth-Girls. I have counted eight different naked females in the Dr. Moze videos currently online. All the girls do seem to be enjoying themselves, and one girl in particular appears more often than the others. I can only assume Dr. Moze has some romantic interest in her. In one scene we see him massaging her naked body, as we hear a voice-over about her sacred, sweet vagina. I would say that indicates a romantic interest, or at least a sexual interest.

The Cult of Dr. Moze & the Naked Earth-Women does not have any particular goal. The are not out to get follows, or solicit money, or raid our wallets in any way. The only goal seems to be sex... lots of sex with really pretty girls, sex without evil agendas. The cult clearly holds to high moral standards.

There is a sense of social justice in many of the Dr. Moze shows, stressing the fact our current economic system is not, and never has been, a system of equal opportunity. Equal opportunity is a gigantic lie. It is a massive piece of cultural propaganda having nothing to do with the reality of our daily lives. We live in a system of economic slavery, run by oligarchs. Run by the 1%-ters who control our government and run most major corporations.

Dr. Moze spares no venom when talking about the 1%-ters.

It seems the Cult of Dr. Moze & the Naked Earth-Women has the goal to spread the idea of Free Will and the creation of a better form of economics. As things are now, both our form of government and our system of economics is really just a puppet show put on by the 1%-ters, for the benefit of the 1%-ters. What happens to the rest of us, 360 million of us, we the People of the United States of America--- what happens to the rest of us really does not matter. Cash flow is what matters, the movement of money from Government bank accounts into private bank accounts, the movement of money from our individual banks accounts into the accounts of the ultra-wealthy.