The new architecture of global governance based on the respect of nations, and the economics of the Belt and Road is rapidly coming into being.  One of many examples is Saudi Arabia, which now sees their dreams of a salafist terrorist empire, of religious war, under British-U.S.-Israeli direction, being shut down.  As a result the Saudi's are being given another option by the Russians, which it appears they are beginning to take to find their integration into the new system.  This is the huge tectonic reality that is driving London and the neo-cons in the U.S. to push for war with Russia and China.


     As an example of the response, the British newspaper, the Daily Mirror headlined the story, "Britain is preparing for war with North Korea" has the first sentence: "The Armed Forces are preparing for a war with North Korea, sources have revealed." It then cites British Defense Minister Michael Fallon's crazy comment in a public speech Oct. 8, "Manchester and London are closer to Pyongyang than Los Angeles." Fallon also specifically talked about using {nuclear} weapons against North Korea.