The powerful New Moon in Capricorn with six (6) planets there denotes a New Era is beginning - one composed of higher expectations, more accountability, hard work and sacrifice, and more emphasis on traditional values of honesty and decency. Since there are no planets in the air signs, this is not the time for small talk or spin. Results are what count. And with no planets in the fixed signs except Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio - justice will be done and it will be helped by others behind the scenes who know the truth about lies and cover ups since Neptune in Pisces is trining the planets in Scorpio. Both the Sun and New Moon in Capricorn are closely conjuncting Venus at the fateful 29th degree of the sign. This favorable aspect may produce a good, solid decision based on proven facts and results which is announced soon. Despite sudden surprising changes - THIS NEW ERA IS HERE TO STAY, regardless of the challenges it may face.