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The powerful New Moon in Gemini involves four (4) planets in a harmonious trine among the creative, adaptable air signs with the Sun, New Moon, and Mars in Gemini trining Jupiter in Libra - so you may be more successful if you harness your energy to focus on your top priority, and then you can proceed in short spurts - just the way you learned to ride a bike. Along the way, you may encounter a few "bumps in the road" - so if you fall down, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start over again - just as you did long ago when you were first trying to ride a bike. Roadblocks may slow you down, and people who are phony two-faced liars can try to mislead you, but they can't stop you. Don't be discouraged by delays: they will pass. It's important to CHECK THE FACTS because treachery and deceptions prevail, so BE CAREFUL. A power play may force a new start - but it could be beneficial in the end.