Moving Beyond the PastMoving Beyond the Past
Lesson 4, Part One-Face to Face Encounter with God
Senior Pastor Richard D. Dover
Seattle Open Door Church

The story of Jacob is one of a man who was a manipulator and deceiver who ran into a someone who could manipulate and deceive greater than him. You reap what you sow. It took a face to face encounter with God for Jacob to become Israel.

Those who experience wounding in their life many times become manipulators or enablers (like Jacob's mother), or co-dependent. They make inner vows and judgments. They do not trust others. They end up reaping what they have sown. To experience healing they need to have a face to face encounter with God.

Lesson 4 Notes:

In the Moving Beyond the Past Series we will covering the following topics:

Introduction: Non-Christian Spiritual Inventory
Lesson 1a-What is the Healing from the Past?
Lesson 1b, Homework-What is the Healing of the Past?
Lesson 2: Who Needs Healing from the Past?
Lesson 3, Part One The Prodigal Son-Forgiveness
Lesson 3, Part Two The Prodigal Son-Forgiveness
Lesson 4: Face to Face Encounter with God.
Lesson 5: The Power of the Cross.
Lesson 6: Forgiveness and Inner Healing.
Lesson 7: Inner Vows
Lesson 8 Bitter Root Judgments.
Lesson 9: Closing Open Doors
Lesson 9: Breaking Curses
Lesson 10: Breaking Every Curse
Lesson 11: Breaking Every Deception
Lesson 12: Being Filled with the Holy Spirit

Without Christ most people cannot truly moving beyond the past and experience God using the past for good. Do you know Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior? Do you have questions about Christianity? Click Here for FAQ's on Christianity and how to have eternal life.

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