Week Series Program Name Episode Rating Language
2020-02-13 STARBORN STARBORN Pros and Cons S9E7 TV-G English
2020-02-12 Talking Stick WA DOC Medication Assisted Treatment Program S9E7 TV-G English
2020-02-12 All-ways Pursuing Truth Kurt Riggin and Cody Snodgres share legal items S9E6 TV-G English
2020-02-10 Gays For Jesus Church Beware of Prophets 02-06-2020 S9E6 TV-G English
2020-02-10 Pirate Television Diane Ravitch: Saving Americas Schools S9E6 TV-G English
2020-02-09 Supreme Master TV Pure Love of the Wild Animals - Part 2 S2E6  TV-G English
2020-02-09 Gospel of the Last Days Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit Part 1 S3E4  TV-G English
2020-02-09 Mahibere Kidusan TV Mahibere Kidusan TV S1E4  TV-G English
2020-02-09 The Truth About Denominationalism The Truth About Denominationalism S8E4  TV-G English
2020-02-09 Wongel From Bethel Zaki Preaching S9E3  TV-G Amharic
2020-02-08 Al-Islam and Community Issues Mental Health Through Psychodrama Part 2 S4E4  TV-G English
2020-02-07 The Hereafter TV JANUARY 8TH, 2020 S9E1  TV-G English
2020-02-06 STARBORN STARBORN The Sun Shines Again S9E6  TV-G English
2020-02-06 Beyond the Headlines Beyond the Headlines Un-vat-soros-02-06-2020 S9E5  TV-G English
2020-02-06 Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. Kobe crash and Israeli Peace Deal! S9E5  TV-G English
2020-02-05 General Welfare Presents GWP Glumaz, LaRouche POSSIBILITIES 1/22/19 S8E6  TV-G English
2020-02-05 Talking Stick Lance Bennett - Building the Next System S9E6  TV-G English
2020-02-05 All-ways Pursuing Truth 1st hour , Caucus and gun discussions S9E5  TV-G English
2020-02-04 Call 4 Investigation Author Dr F Greg Ford, tells all S9E4  TV-G English
2020-02-04 Public Interest Issues Show Short Film- Shame the Devil Kiss the World S9E2  TV-G English